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Professional Selling for Insurance Brokers (PSIB)

The Professional Selling for Insurance Brokers Program

In today’s highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace, buyers expect more from you as their salesperson - information, expertise and professionalism. Buyers demand value in the products and services they are purchasing, as well as in the relationship they have with you.

To sell a product or service you need to effectively:

  • overcome the “price” objection
  • face people who say “no”
  • plan how to reach stated goals
  • balance your customers’ interests with your own
  • influence people in order to be successful
  • communicate to make your customers recognize the value of your products and services

IBAC’s Professional Selling for Insurance Brokers program prepares you to succeed in all of these areas and more. 

Program Overview
Professional Selling is based on validated sales competencies, developed by the Canadian Professional Sales Association in conjunction with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. It will help you establish yourself as the kind of person any buyer would want as a partner. You will learn how to use consultative selling techniques, and practice them through role-playing, group exercises and business case studies. This will provide you with a step-by-step process of acquiring and retaining customers.

The program is particularly appropriate for Account Managers, CSRs and sales and service staff who communicate with clients or underwriters.

Participation in this program fulfils the education requirements for the Sales Management component of the Canadian Professional Insurance Broker designation (CPIB).

Program Outline
The Professional Selling for Insurance Brokers course will enable you to:

  • identify and acquire the essential selling skills required to meet the challenges you face as a sales professional 
  • understand and implement the tactical, strategic, and self-management skills necessary in many different types of selling situations
  • produce tangible returns by increasing your professional sales skill level and expertise to retain customers and expand business opportunities
  • discover the strategic framework to plan a successful first visit and obtain a go-forward commitment
  • enhance your professional sales skill level and expertise to retain customers and expand business opportunities

Understanding and Managing Yourself

  • Personality Traits for Sales Success
  • Using Time Effectively
  • Professional Behaviour and Development
  • The Psychology of Selling – Influencing Buying Decisions

Business Creation

  • Strategic Territory Planning
  • Establishing Criteria for Competitive Analysis
  • Generating a Comprehensive Strategy for Profit Maximization
  • New Business Prospecting

The Selling Process

  • Getting the Appointment
  • Developing an Effective Prospecting Script
  • The 8-step Consultative Selling Process
  • Managing Client Meetings
  • Developing Your Presentation Skills
  • Negotiating Skills and Techniques

Building and Managing Your Business

  • Keeping Your Customers
  • Building Long-Term Relationships with your Customers
  • The Account Management Process
  • Allocating your Selling Time According to Account Classification

Study Formats
The Professional Selling for Insurance Brokers program is offered as a three-day in-class experience.

Please send an email to the Marketing and Program Coordinator should you wish to learn more about this program.