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Webinar: Dealing With Workplace Negativity

novembre 25, 2021, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Negativity is a major issue and a problem in many workplaces.  Griping, complaining, bad mouthing (about the company, customers, management, co-workers, etc.), a pessimistic response to new ideas… these are all forms of negativity; and their impact is significant.  Reduced productivity and poor performance almost always accompany an increase in negative conversation and behavior.  Workplace morale is affected, along with co-worker’s sense of job satisfaction.  And negativity breeds negativity.  Left unchecked it spreads to others until it has become a part of the culture; a poisoned workplace.  This can prompt the loss of valuable employees, while those who remain have their "State of Motivation" adversely affected.  The distraction, disruption, and drama created by negative individuals will compromise a team’s ability to accomplish objectives and complete projects on time.  And negativity can have an impact on the mental health of staff.


In this session we focus on the following learning points:

  • Negativity – Definition and Impact. Gain an understanding of why negativity is so disruptive in the workplace.
  • Dealing with negativity as a Supervisor.  Creating awareness and getting accountability for the change from negative to positive.
  • Techniques for dealing with negative co-workers.
  • Strategies for creating a positive workplace.


About your presenter:

Steve Franklin has been delivering training, consulting with various companies and teams, and coaching individuals for more than 3 decades, and he has shared his programs with thousands of insurance professionals over the last decade and a half.

Steve’s passion and mission are to help create the “optimized workplace”, where the company gets what it needs from staff to be successful, and where staff has a positive and meaningful work experience.  To that end, he has worked with employees, managers, and supervisors, and senior management teams to provide the proper equipping for each role in order to create greater levels of success for everyone.

Steve currently lives in Riverview, NB with his wife Ronda.


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