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Webinar: Developing Team Culture

10:00 AM, November 24, 2022

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Developing a Team Culture;

We have all heard of the importance and power of a team culture, but what is it and how do we develop and maintain one?

In this session we look at the definition of a team and how an effective and healthy team culture is vital to productivity and performance, engagement, and retention.

Next we will learn how to create a team culture with particular application to the Insurance Industry.  We will then learn how to keep a team culture alive.

Finally we will learn how to leverage the team culture for increased effort and motivation from your team.

Anyone who leads or manages a team of insurance professionals will get tremendous value from this session.


About your presenter:

Steve Franklin has taught Professional Development for 30 years, currently in my own practice with my own training programs. Previously I worked for a number of years with the Atlantica Learning Corp. My earliest experience was working in partnership with Day-Timers of Canada. My courses are based on extensive research and methodical testing to ensure that the information, skills, processes and techniques I present are real solutions that produce real results. I am an experienced facilitator, facilitating in accordance with the International Board of Standards for Training Performance and Instruction. In my various roles as a public speaker, I have spoken across Canada as well as in the United States and Australia. My experience also includes extensive personal coaching; helping clients develop personal motivation for professional skills development, facilitating them through the necessary behaviour changes to make it happen. My training approach includes a strong focus on the practical rather than theoretical: a strong focus on behavioural change, helping participants successfully implement the learning: an interactive, dynamic session.

I have a passion for helping to develop workplaces that work for everyone; where the corporation experiences the levels of success it desires, and where the employees who create the success have a meaningful and positive work experience. My programs are designed to address both sides of the equation.

I was born and raised in Digby, Nova Scotia and I currently live in Riverview, New Brunswick.


For more information, please contact Becci Taylor, Professional Development, at btaylor@nbinsurancebrokers.ca  or (506) 450-6083.