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Webinar: Quick Facts - All Your Resources In One Place

August 24, 2022, 9:00 - 10:30 AM

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Reduce Confusion.
Increase Performance.

QuickFacts is a software platform to improve business operations and efficiencies of insurance brokerages. Their software displays simple side-by-side comparisons of all the necessary carrier information from your teams’ insurance carriers. They also create custom workflows your brokerage needs to achieve consistency and efficiencies, reducing costly employee turnover and allowing your key employees to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Their customized workflow creation, combined with their carrier comparisons, will help reduce your exposure to E&O claims while saving your brokerage time and money. Their Mission is to ensure they find every avenue to improve business efficiencies for your brokerage’s success. 

The simplicity and depth of information of their software won’t leave you confused and annoyed like a sugar crash that happens when nothing of substance has changed.

"OUR PROMISE TO YOU - We don't take your time; we give your time back!" - Christy Silvestri

About Christy Silvestri, President and CEO:

Christy has over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, with 10 in a management role leading the operations side of insurance brokerages. Christy was an active member of IBANS and served on the Board of Directors for 2 years, pushing positive change through the industry. Christy has achieved CAIB Level 4 and taught CAIB Levels 1-3 through IBANS.


For more information, please contact Becci Taylor, Executive Director, at btaylor@nbinsurancebrokers.ca  or (506) 450-6083.