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Webinar: The Keys to Managing Stress and Maintaining a Positive Attitude in High-Stress Times

October 27, 2022, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Every week I talk to individuals who are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the unusual levels of stress that have been a constant part of our life for this last year and a half.  The impact of all of this stress is serious and significant, and it includes an increasing difficulty in maintaining a positive attitude.  There is much more to be negative about at the moment, and our ability to resist negativity is being challenged to the max.  The increase in all of this stress is resulting in a subsequent increase in negativity for many.  This, in turn, is having a significant impact on many people’s mental health.

In this session we look at the most effective techniques for increasing our ability to cope with stress and for developing strategies to stay strong and positive during extended periods of unusually high levels of stress.

Using the Canadian Mental Health Association’s 5 criteria for positive mental health, principles of mindfulness, and strategies employed by highly effective and successful individuals; this virtual training session will help you develop your own personalized strategy and find solutions to help you deal with stress and resist negativity more effectively.

About your presenter:

Steve Franklin has taught Professional Development for 30 years, currently in my own practice with my own training programs. Previously I worked for a number of years with the Atlantica Learning Corp. My earliest experience was working in partnership with Day-Timers of Canada. My courses are based on extensive research and methodical testing to ensure that the information, skills, processes and techniques I present are real solutions that produce real results. I am an experienced facilitator, facilitating in accordance with the International Board of Standards for Training Performance and Instruction. In my various roles as a public speaker, I have spoken across Canada as well as in the United States and Australia. My experience also includes extensive personal coaching; helping clients develop personal motivation for professional skills development, facilitating them through the necessary behaviour changes to make it happen. My training approach includes a strong focus on the practical rather than theoretical: a strong focus on behavioural change, helping participants successfully implement the learning: an interactive, dynamic session.

I have a passion for helping to develop workplaces that work for everyone; where the corporation experiences the levels of success it desires, and where the employees who create the success have a meaningful and positive work experience. My programs are designed to address both sides of the equation.

I was born and raised in Digby, Nova Scotia and I currently live in Riverview, New Brunswick.


For more information, please contact Becci Taylor, Professional Development, at  or (506) 450-6083.