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Webinar: Managing Mental Health as an Insurance Professional

October 26, 2021, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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For a successful insurance professional, a positive and healthy mindset is absolutely critical.  We need to maintain a positive attitude, manage stress successfully, and maintain a state of positive motivation.  A great deal of attention is being given to mental health these days, and the stigma that had been attached to it in previous generations is no longer there.  This allows us to talk about it openly and, more importantly, it allows us to be proactive and take the steps to create and maintain a positive mindset.

This powerful session deals with the following learning points:

  • How to maintain a positive attitude and avoid negativity.
  • How to manage stress successfully and thrive in a high-pressure environment.
  • How to motivate yourself and keep yourself motivated.

These skills will provide a powerful foundation for long-term success as an insurance professional.

About your presenter:

Steve Franklin has been delivering training, consulting with various companies and teams, and coaching individuals for more than 3 decades, and he has shared his programs with thousands of insurance professionals over the last decade and a half.

Steve’s passion and mission are to help create the “optimized workplace”, where the company gets what it needs from staff to be successful, and where staff has a positive and meaningful work experience.  To that end, he has worked with employees, managers, and supervisors, and senior management teams to provide the proper equipping for each role in order to create greater levels of success for everyone.

Steve currently lives in Riverview, NB with his wife Ronda.


For more information, please contact Becci Taylor, Professional Development, at btaylor@nbinsurancebrokers.ca  or (506) 450-6083.


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