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Webinar: Learn more about our senior designation CPIB

April 8, 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The property and casualty insurance industry is constantly changing, with new demands and challenges arising on an ongoing basis. You need to meet these demands and challenges with confidence that can only be gained from experience and knowledge. CPIB is a senior designation program developed by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) and its provincial member associations. CPIB is positioned at a university-level of study and is unique in that it allows you to focus your studies and interests in one of three professional disciplines: Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, and Brokerage Management.

This one-hour presentation will be a chance for you to learn more, understand how your current courses can be transferred, and what is needed to complete your CPIB with IBANB. 

Below is more information on the course:

The Qualifications

The CAIB or CIP designation is required for admission. In addition, you must be licensed and employed by a P&C brokerage that is a member in good standing of IBANB. The right to use and maintain the CPIB designation shall only continue if membership status is maintained.

Graduates of non-member brokerages who complete the CPIB program receive a certificate of completion but are ineligible to use the CAIB designation unless that individual becomes an Associate Member with IBANB.

Course Outline

Earning the CPIB designation requires completion of six courses in your chosen discipline: Personal Lines, Commercial Lines or Brokerage Management. Three of these six courses are mandatory and are insurance-specific. The remaining three courses are of a broader nature and are offered by recognized universities or colleges. You may also take the program’s courses individually for general interest or continuing education (CE) credits.

Mandatory Course Overview

Law & Professional Ethics

This advanced course uniquely packages the subjects of law and ethics and applies them to the needs of the Canadian insurance broker. Topics include business law; ethical principles and issues; personal and organizational ethics; insurance brokers as professionals at common law; developing a risk management strategy for professional liability; corporate law; insurance broker and its business contracts; e-commerce; privacy rights; legislation and practice; employment contracts; employment relationship and termination.

Claims Management & Administration

This course takes an advanced look at the claims process from the perspective of an insurance broker. Topics include the claims process; responsibilities and rights of the insurer; the brokerage and claims management; claims by assignees and third parties; recent developments and future directions.

Advanced Personal Lines

This advanced course will take the information about personal lines learned in the CAIB program and expand that to prepare the broker to deal with the more complex issues that face insurance brokers on a daily basis. Topics include beyond the personal liability policy; dealing with exceptional homes; other residences; valuations; home-based businesses; fraud; unlicensed vehicles; sales and promotion.

Advanced Commercial Lines

Using a case study approach, this course focuses on enhanced product knowledge and the application of a sales approach of the broker function. Topics include underwriting and submissions; assessing liability exposures; environmental impairment liability (EIL) insurance; D&O and employment liability, cyber liabilities and proposals, presentations and sales techniques.