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Webinar: The Keys to Successfully Coaching and Developing Staff

April 29, 2021, 1:30 - 4:00 PM

Critical Coaching Skills for Improving Staff Productivity, Performance or Professionalism - Sponsored by Wawanesa





Learn powerful techniques to help staff who are struggling with one or more aspects of their job.  Coaching staff is a critical activity for most managers, supervisors and HR personnel.  Coaching is often the first step in addressing a staff issue and it is a powerful tool for developing team members which, in turn, will significantly strengthen the entire team.  While we are generally aware of the importance of coaching, many managers, supervisors and HR personnel are unsure how to coach properly, or even where to begin.

In this session, you will learn how to coach staff properly and effectively.  You will learn how to use coaching to address and resolve staff issues and to develop staff.  You will learn various forms of coaching. But most importantly, you will learn how to improve staff’s productivity, performance and professionalism and resolving staff issues through coaching.

I have talked to a number of managers who were concerned that their attempts to coach would come across as micro-managing.  In this session, you will learn the difference and learn to coach effectively without micro-managing staff.

Likewise, managers often feel that coaching is labour and time-intensive.  In this session, you will learn a method of coaching that can fit into the busy manager’s or HR personnel’s schedule.  And you will learn the powerful 4 steps “coaching on the run” process.

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn to identify when coaching is required.
  • Learn how to create a coaching plan.
  • Learn the best way to initiate a coaching relationship with staff.
  • Learn how to successfully coach staff (achieve the growth and developmental targets).
  • Learn how to overcome resistance from staff to the coaching process.
  • Learn how to coach without micro-managing.
  • Learn how to use the 4 steps “Coaching on the Run” process and how to maximize the “learning moment”.

Stephen Franklin, Owner, Stephen P. Franklin Training

Stephen Franklin has taught Professional Development for 27 years, currently in his own practice with his own training programs. He has worked for a number of years with the Atlantica Learning Corp and in partnership with Day-Timers of Canada. His courses are based on extensive research and methodical testing to ensure that the information, skills, processes, and techniques he presents are real solutions that produce real results. He is an experienced facilitator, facilitating in accordance with the International Board of Standards for Training Performance and Instruction. His experience also includes extensive personal coaching; helping clients develop personal motivation for professional skills development, facilitating them through the necessary behaviour changes. His training approach includes a strong focus on the practical rather than theoretical; a strong focus on behavioural change, helping participants successfully implement the learning, and interactive, dynamic sessions.

This session will take place using the GoTo videoconferencing platform through your internet browser. Login details will be sent to registrants the day before the event.

For more information, please contact Becci Taylor, Professional Development, at btaylor@nbinsurancebrokers.ca  or (506) 450-6083.


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