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Powertalks Presents "Occupant Restraints" March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018, 9:00 - 11:30 AM


In this PowerTalk, you will receive information pertaining to the relationship between the vehicle and occupant, in two module presentations.

MODULE A - Vehicle Occupant Motion:
Vehicle occupants can be seriously injured or killed during collisions and rapid acceleration events because they often contact surfaces in an uncontrolled and violent manner. Topics included:
• vehicle versus human dynamics during a collision;
• the types and function of various vehicle occupant restraint systems, and
• typical consequences of improper occupant restraint

MODULE B - Determining Seatbelt Use, Non-Use or Misuse:
An unbelted occupant is at increased risk of injury during a collision, as compared to belted occupants. In Atlantic Canada, unbelted occupants can see a 25 percent reduction in insurance compensation as a result of their contributory negligence. Topics included:
• proper and improper seatbelt use;
• airbags with seatbelts;
• seatbelt related evidence; and
• Occupant ejection - facts and myths.

Greg Sypher PEng, MScE, is a professional engineer with over two decades of Civil Engineering experience, specializing in road safety. As the Principal Project Investigator for Transport Canada's Collision Investigation Team in New Brunswick for almost fifteen years, Greg Sypher conducted motor vehicle collisions and vehicle safety defect research - investigating and writing more than 500 in-depth investigation reports. He was the primary investigator on several high profile collision investigations, including the 'Sussex Highway Coach Crash' (2001) and the 'Bathurst High School Van Crash' (2008).


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