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Our New Bipper is here!

posted on Sep 12
The introduction of our new logo will be followed by the launch of our new creative platform, which will remind consumers about the importance of getting the right insurance advice to ensure the right coverage.

The Broker Identity Program (BIP) logo was created in 1988 as part of a national campaign to promote the role of the insurance broker as a qualified professional who works for the insurance consumer, providing unbiased advice, choice and customer service. Since then, the iconic magenta “bipper” has garnered strong brand awareness and has become a widely-recognized symbol that consumers associate with trust, security and integrity.

“After 30 years of success, we are refreshing the logo to be more contemporary,” said CEO Peter Braid. “We are not tampering with our hard-earned brand equity – it’s an evolution, not a re-creation. The new logo will be easily recognizable and familiar, with the same classic magenta colour, and the public will see both designs coexisting as brokers transition to the updated version.”

At the same time, small adjustments create a bold, modern feel. The new logo conveys strength and stability. It is confident and dynamic, like the 38,000 brokers that it represents.

“Our logo refresh is an opportunity to reinvigorate our brand, boost recognition, and encourage consumers to take another look,” added Braid. “What hasn’t changed is the message it conveys, that insurance brokers are part of an association of professionals who put consumers’ interests first.”