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Meet The Young Broker's Network Committee

Kate Maddick
posted on Jan 13

New Year means a new Young Broker's Network Committee and what better way to get to know a committee than to interview them! Kicking off this series we have Kate Maddick, our treasurer, from Jones Insurance.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your family.

**Married for 13 years and together for 20 years. I have 2 kids. I’m an avid baker, feel the need to feed everyone! Mountain bike or hike on weekends, any excuse to get back to nature and surround my self with nature.

2. Have you always lived in New Brunswick?

**Nope, it was in the works for years to move here. I moved to New Brunswick little over 3 years ago from Ontario. Just my husband and two kids. No support network. I used to weld and work within Automotive manufacturing.

3. What are some of your favorite pass-times?

**BAKING AND MOUNTAIN BIKING!!! Hiking. Sitting on the beach, need to counter act all the baked goods

4. Your educational background?
**I attended Highschool and later on undertook the CAIB. I also bring with me lots of life experience.
5. How long have you been involved in the insurance industry? As a broker?
**2.5 years and 1 year
6. How did you get into the insurance industry?
**I came in to sign my application with the kids. My broker mentioned they were hiring. My son asked to use the washroom before we left. The vice presidents office was close by, so I walked in, introduced myself and said you should hire me! Asked for his contact information and the rest is history.
7. What is your position?
**Personal lines broker.
8. Please give a brief summary of your time in the industry.
**Started in reception, started my first CAIB within 6 months, then Covid hit and my CAIB was up in the air. Once confirmed it was online and ago, I jumped at the chance to continue. Completed CAIB in 1yr and 2 days. I transitioned to processing and reception. Then onto personal lines broker April 2021.
9. What is your favourite part of being involved in the insurance industry?
**Never a dull moment! Love getting to know people and their stories. LOVE the challenging properties or buildings. Looking at a set of plans and visualizing their future home, seeing what coverages suit them best.
10. Your aspirations, plans for the future?
**To improve and learn daily. Continue my education and have fun. Network more within the industry.
Well, thank you for the chat, Kate! Join us next Thursday when we will be speaking with Vanessa Duguay, one of our co-chairs, from Kent & White Insurance / Assurance Kent et White.