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Meet The Young Broker's Network

Director: Daniel Hennessey
posted on Feb 10

New Year means a new Young Broker's Network Committee and what better way to get to know a committee than to interview them! This week we are talking with Daniel Hennessey from Higgins Insurance.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your family.

**I am a father of 2 wonderful young boys, Finn & Leo, ages 5 & 2.  My talented wife Michelle is an Engineering Graduate and works as a Construction Project Manager for a local company.

I am from New Brunswick, Fredericton area, and now reside in Quispamsis with my family.

2. Have you always lived in New Brunswick?

**I grew up in Oromocto/Fredericton areas and attended UNB Fredericton for my post secondary studies.   I have lived for a short while in Northern British Columbia as Tree Planter during my younger years and my wife and I lived in Edmonton AB for a couple years while she worked out there after school.  The pull back east is strong though and we will likely always be Maritimers.

3. What are some of your favorite past-times? 

**I love cooking and food, so a lot of my free time after parenting and work involves food. 

I love playing sports and am an outdoor runner.  I enjoy volleyball, badminton, skiing and running.  I love watching hockey and my favourite team to watch is the Detroit Red Wings.  Mostly though playing with my sons is my fave thing to do, they are young enough that its just constantly fun and new.

4. Your educational background?

**After high school in NB I attended UNB Fredericton and in 2008 obtained my Bachelor of Business Administration and focused my studies on Marketing and Sociology for which I obtained Concentrations.

Since then I have done lots of informal and formal job trainings around Sales, Customer Service, Management, and in 2021 obtained my CAIB Certification after completing the program as the top graduate in the province for 2021, which was an honour!

5. How long have you been involved in the insurance industry? As a broker?

**I began working in the insurance industry in September 2020 after looking for a career change, and after a few months of learning became a full time producing broker on the New Business Sales team here at Higgins Insurance in Quispamsis.

6. How did you get into the insurance industry?

**I experienced a downturn in my old industry when Covid first arrived, and like many began thinking it would be nice to have a career close to home with work life balance as the center focus point of my goals.  The insurance position opened up in my search and I successfully entered the industry and have quickly become very invested in my newfound career path and the job itself.

7. What is your position?

**I am currently a Sales Broker, but my work centralizes around the web based aspects of our new business team. I am the Digital Team sales leader and we work as a team to handle the online aspect of our business, including all Digital leads, campaigns, and other online aspects related to our brokerage.  Its super interesting and I am seemingly challenged every day with some new ideas, strategies, challenges, technology etc.

8. Please give a brief summary of your time in the industry.

**I began by completing my CAIB #1 before I even stepped foot in the door with the help of my brokerage and after arriving began training immediately to try to learn not just how my brokerage operated but Insurance in general.  There was a semi-steep curve but I enjoyed the challenge and each day was kinda unique.  I immediately began working on my next CAIB modules and ended up fully completing my 4 CAIB modules about 10 months after my first day of work, which helped me learn as I went since the concepts there support the day to day stuff you learn and give you a good foothold in the industry.

I am proud to say that as an outsider coming in, you get a neat lens to approach an industry because without even realizing or intending you kinda challenge the traditional approaches to some problems and processes, so I am always looking for a new way to view something that we do day to day and improve the process and grow.

9. What is your favorite part of being involved in the insurance industry?

**My wife jokes that no one likes insurance as much as me..lol, but I think because each day is truly a new challenge. I almost feel as if I was reinvigorated by starting this career path and while I am fortunate to be finding success in my relationships with clients and sales goals, I am also really just like the subject matter.  The problem solving is addicting and you become less of a sales person, but more a trusted expert who works off this great trust relationship with your clients..it gives me a nice sense of validation and respect.  I am PROUD to work in the industry which isn’t something all Sales and Service professionals can say!

10. Your aspirations, plans for the future?

**I just want to keep learning, and build a relationship with the community in my role, as well as the insurance industry because I am now set on a path that is allowing me to have that work life balance that is so important to my family life, but also offering me daily growth,

I am happy just being a team-player right now and bringing what I can each day to bring myself and those up around me.  I aspire to be part of the future of Higgins Insurance, and the industry since there are still some dated notions and unfair stereotypes about “insurance salespeople” lol, which is undeserved in most cases!  I will keep an open eye always though to any opportunity which presents itself to me in my own organization, and you always have to be ready for change and growth, it could be right around the corner as the industry is constantly evolving and changing for the better.

Thank you so much Daniel for talking the time to speak with us. Next week we will be chatting with Bradley Sanford from Archway Insurance Inc.