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Meet The Board Monday

Director: Lori Thebeau
posted on Jan 24
Happy Monday everyone! Today on Meet the board Monday we have Lori Thebeau Joining us from Huestis Insurance Group!
1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your family.
**I am a proud mom of two grown daughters, Grace & Lyvia and married to my best friend, Wesley. I am also mom to my fur baby, a Deutsche Drahthaar named Jase.
2. Have you always lived in New Brunswick?
**I was born and raised here and lived in New Brunswick my entire life. Aside from one year of college back in 1992/1992 living in Fredericton, I have lived in the Woodstock area. Of all the places I have travelled in North America, I don’t think there is any place I would rather live than where I do. (okay, maybe in Wyoming, but Woodstock will do!).
3. What are some of your favorite pass-times? **We love to do all things outdoors. We are avid mountain bikers, hikers and hunters. (My husband is actually a licensed hunting guide and has recently purchased an outfitting business). We have pitched our tent all over North America, we also ski, snowboard, snowshoe, snowmobile… basically, if it’s outside, we love it!
4. Other areas of interest? Participation in volunteer groups? Unusual endeavors currently or previously?
**I am on the board of directors and a trail builder with the Becaguimec Trail Association. I’m also one 4th of the Mountain Bike Connection Podcast crew, a bi-weekly podcast where we sit and talk about all things biking! I have raised homing pigeons for 8 years, (we own a pointer, so they came in handy), as well chickens and farm ducks. Finally, I am working towards being an advocate for Sarcoma cancer awareness having survived Sarcoma myself in 2018.
5. Your educational background?
**I have my college diploma from Atlantic Business College in Fredericton and obtained my CAIB designation in 2004. My certificate at the time was presented to me by none other than Stephen Halsall!
6. How long have you been involved in the insurance industry? As a broker?
**I started in the business back in 1993 working as a secretary for Lindsey Morden Claim Services in Hartland. When that office closed, I was hired on in 1994 at Safety Insurance (now Palmer Atlantic) in Hartland and became a broker shortly thereafter.
7. How did you get into the insurance industry? **Like most people, I fell into it. My father had been a long time firefighter in Woodstock and one day, Mike Chamberlain (an adjuster at Lindsey Morden) came in frustrated that he no longer had an admin person to keep him organized and my dad, bless his heart, said “I just happen to know someone that would be perfect!” The rest is history!
8. What is your position?
**Since 2015, I have been the team leader of the Woodstock – Hatfield & Leech Insurance office, part of the Huestis Insurance Group.
9. Please give a brief summary of your time in the industry.
**When I started in the business, I was a commercial administrative assistant and then gradually transferred to being a personal lines broker. I have many years experience in personal lines and have been learning the ropes on the commercial lines side of things as well the last 4 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years and been through some hard markets, but I must say, I’ve never seen it as tough out there as it is right now in this industry.
10. What is your favorite part of being involved in the insurance industry?
**My favourite part would have to be the people. You see people at the best of times and their worst times – a marriage, buying and insuring their first home or their first car.. I’ve cried with people when they come in after losing their spouse of 50 years… I’ve always prided myself on my connection with my clients, and they are what keep me going.
11. Your aspirations, plans for the future?
**As a member of the board, I’m looking forward to being an advocate for our broker partners and helping people to know just what the IBANB can do for them! On the home front, my husband and I are planning a trip in 2024 to hit as many national park sites in the south western USA as possible with our dog, our bikes and our tent. The one thing I have learned as a survivor, our tomorrow is not guaranteed…don’t wait until you retire to make those memories. Get out and live your life NOW!
Well thank you so much Lori for that introduction to you! Join us next week when we will be quizzing James Higgins from Higgins Insurance.