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Meet The Board Monday

President: Joanne Deveau-Murphy
posted on Dec 6

With the election of a new board happening last month, it's that time of the week to meet our Members!

Up this week is our President, Joanne Deveau-Murphy from Archway Insurance.

Joanne is our President of the board this year and is eager to bring new ideas and thoughts to the table. She has worked in the industry for over thirty years and is proud to share that she has risen through the ranks, and is now enjoying the role of VP for the Central Region for Archway Insurance. Like many, she fell into the industry, as she was originally being interviewed for a travel agency position, but it turned out, insurance was more her fit! She is often coaching team members and helping train managers and staff to be as tentative and problem-solving as herself. We cannot wait to see all that she will achieve as President of the board this year and help guide IBANB into the future!

Well thank you so much to Joanne for that quick introduction, stay tuned for next week when we will be getting to know our Vice President; Brandon McGee from Guy R Day Insurance Group.