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Award of Merit

Denis Daigle
posted on Dec 9

The Board of Directors of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick recognizes over the years, many of their members have given unselfishly of themselves, their time, and dedication for the betterment of their fellow brokers and the insurance community as a whole.

To honour these outstanding individuals who have worked on behalf of independent insurance brokers, an Award of Merit has been created.

The recipient has been at the forefront of IBANB for many years, this recipient is also a Past IBANB President and IBAC Director and always makes an impact and positive impression.

He is a proud 4th generation company whose doors opened in the 60’s and became incorporated in 1968. It all began when the recipient’s grandfather “Ulderic” became the man in the know for life insurance, and started by going door to door, connecting with clients.

Then began the 2nd generation, “Daniel” who took over in 1966 and grew the business by opening offices in Saint-Basile and Grand Falls.

As many of you can relate to, our recipient of the award started working at the brokerage in the summers during his university years from 1980 to 1984, after which he was hired full time. He then bought the business from his father in 1999, opened another office in St-Quentin in 2006, and finally bought the Perth-Andover office in 2018.

And now, the 4th generation, his son “Chanel” was hired in 2013.

Our recipient’s wife was thrilled when we reached out to her, and confirmed how ambitious, hardworking, and dedicated he is. William, Felix and Noah are proud of their Grampie too!

A note from an employee:

The recipient has always been there and is still always there. I don’t mean always been there as when the insurance policies were carved in stone, or when house insurance was a metal plaque nailed over the front door of the house. I mean he is there at the office when we come in, he is there at lunch time, he is there at night that is what I mean by always there. Even when on vacation he answers e-mails, he calls at the office or do the daily reports. When on a cruise, if he could ask the ship captain to stop the boat as he found a good spot to have access to the office, we are confident he would do it. Would that be to access the office or to see if we are all OK like a father who calls home every half hour to see if the kids are, OK?

Being always there also means that he cares for the employees as if we are his brothers and sisters. If we have a hard time, he has a hard time. If we are happy, he is happy. He feels for the staff. If he could carry 100% of the staff problems on his shoulders, he would do it.

He is passionate about insurance; he just loves insurance, and he knows what is needed to be successful in that industry and he made sure the staff have everything they need to succeed as brokers.

We don’t work for him; we work with him. I’ve been working with the recipient for over 15 years and if I would have to start my career over again I would do it again if he is part of my career path.

Join us in congratulating Denis Daigle, of GTI Broker Group, on being our 2021 Recipient for the Award of Merit!!