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Award of Merit

Awarded at our Annual General Meeting December 10, 2020
posted on Dec 10

Award of Merit

The Board of Directors of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick recognizes over the years, many of their members have given unselfishly of themselves, their time, and dedication for the betterment of their fellow brokers and the insurance community as a whole. 

To honour these outstanding individuals who have worked on behalf of independent insurance brokers, an Award of Merit has been created.

I Robert Kimball, in consultation with the Executive Committee, will today virtually present this prestigious award to a broker who is more than deserving of this esteemed recognition.  

The recipient has been at the forefront of IBANB for many years, and even started our now YBN Network!  He not only started YBN back in the day, but this recipient is also a Past IBANB President and IBAC Director and always makes an impact and positive impression on whatever board he is on.  He came back to serve for a year as Governor and VP without any hesitation.  He has very broad experience in the business and is always there to help fellow brokers and Associations when asked. 

He is a great family man, very well balanced in family, peers and business and always has representation at all broker events, often with him and several his staff.  As funny as it may sound (where we are both similar in age and experience), I consider him to be one of my mentors and aspire to live like he does, both professionally and as a member of my community.

He's known for his flare, and it shows in his brokerage (you should follow them on social media)!  They are always working hard, growing their presence, and showing consumers, brokers are the way to go.

When he’s not working hard, he’s attending events, helping with education, emceeing graduations, even translating the odd piece of text (even if we have to remove his sh’ack twang).

Please join me in thanking this recipient for all he has done, and all he will continue to do at the helm of Vienneau Insurance, its both my honour and pleasure to award………………………..

Marc Leger!!   As the saying goes Worry Pas!!  I can’t think of too many other brokers more deserving than Marc.