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Canadian Certified Insurance Broker (CCIB)

You have come very far in your insurance career and have achieved a high level of success. Why not challenge yourself further by earning the ultimate symbol of professional achievement - the Canadian Certified Insurance Broker (CCIB) designation. The CCIB designation – recognized by the insurance industry and general public, denotes a standard of excellence all commercial insurance brokers should aspire to. The CCIB sets a standard of quality and skills to merit public recognition throughout Canada, and to ensure that the broker profession will continue to flourish.

Program Overview
There is no formal course of study for the three CCIB examinations. The examinations test your knowledge of all aspects of property and casualty commercial insurance, including your ability to do risk management analysis. The designation is intended to demonstrate your practical competency gained through work experience.

A minimum of five consecutive years of experience in the insurance industry is required for admittance.

The Qualifications
Use of the CCIB designation, as with all IBAC designations, will be restricted to licensed Property and Casualty insurance brokers who are members or associate members of their provincial or regional brokers’ association.  Non-members are welcome to take the CCIB program and will receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation.

The Examinations
The designation is awarded upon successful completion of three examinations.  You will be challenged on your practical knowledge of Property and Casualty insurance coverage available in the marketplace. You will be expected to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the Statutory Conditions, Insuring Agreements, Policy Conditions and Legal Concepts.

The examinations are as follows:

Essay Style Questionnaire 
The three hour examination contains ten essay style questions concerning all aspects of Property and Casualty insurance.

The examination will test practical application of your technical knowledge in case study situations. You will also be tested on your risk management analysis skills.

Short Answer Questionnaire
This two hour examination contains short answer questions covering all areas of Property and Casualty insurance. The examination will test your technical knowledge.

Final Examination
Option 1 - Oral Examination:
This ninety minute examination is the closest “true to life” test to which you, as a Canadian professional Property and Casualty insurance broker can be challenged. You will prepare an insurance proposal based on client information provided. You will be orally tested by a panel on the proposal you have presented, and will be examined from both a client and underwriting perspective. 

Option 2 - Survey Examination:
This five hour open book examination assesses your ability to prepare a written survey based on an insurance proposal from a client’s perspective.

Please send an email to the Marketing and Program Coordinator should you wish to learn more about this program.