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Best Practices

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Today’s insurance industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Brokerages can no longer take profitability growth for granted.

The Best Practices program is designed for principles, partners, management and accounting staff and allows you to perform in an-depth analysis to determine how your brokerage stacks up against the top performing brokerages in North America. 

Topics include the fundamental areas of business: sales & marketing, human resource management and financial & operations management. The program gives the ‘how to’ of working smarter and more professionally, so your brokerage can flourish in today’s fast-paced, competitive environment.

Program Outline

Setting the Framework for Change

  • Assess brokerage options for change
  • Develop a framework for a strategic plan
  • Develop an action plan
  • Develop a plan to involve brokerage staff in the Best Practices process

Sales and Marketing

  • Develop a “big picture” approach to sales and marketing
  • Review producer programs and consider options for change
  • Assess and set goals for carrier relationships
  • Define and set customer service standards

Human Resources Management

  • Define roles and responsibilities with job descriptions
  • Hire and orient new employees
  • Position brokerage with respect to employment laws and regulations
  • Develop a training and development plan and human resources manual

Operations and Financial Management

  • Identify office-operational and financial goals
  • Develop approaches for effectively dealing with technology issues
  • Compare income, expense and cash flow management strategies
  • Develop an operations manual

Action Planning

  • Planning for succession
  • Making use of the business plan
  • Fine-tuning brokerage action plan
  • Finalizing strategic plan and next steps

Method of Study: five one-day modules held in Toronto, completed over a period of one year.

Registration: Please send an email to the to express your interest in the course.