Take your career further with CAIB.

All immersion courses take place at the Ramada Hotel Fredericton. If you are interested in a specific course please contact Laura by email ( or phone: 506.450.2898

The CAIB program is a professional development course of study designed and written specifically for insurance brokers by insurance brokers. CAIB will enable you to expand your general insurance knowledge, develop new sales markets and enhance your opportunity for career advancement. CAIB boasts four levels of study pertaining to personal lines, commercial lines, and broker management skills.

**Brokers do not have to be a member of IBANB* to take the CAIB courses but they do have to be a member of IBANB or another provincial insurance brokers association in order to use the CAIB designation.

CAIB Benefits:

Major benefits of the CAIB program are that it provides formal insurance knowledge fundamental to independent insurance brokers; develops specialized skills ensuring your clients receive necessary insurance expertise; and bolsters personal confidence.

Study Options:

CAIB Online for CAIB 1,2,3 and 4 provides IBANB* MEMBER self-study students access to extensive multimedia lectures to enhance their self-study. Lectures are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for 12 weeks after online registration. The online program includes multimedia lectures; downloadable PowerPoints; progress quizzes and a discussion board with other students and a qualified instructor to answer questions. The online course must be registered for and activated online within five (5) months of purchasing your CAIB textbook from IBANB. The cost is included in the price of self-study courses. CAIB Online is a great study tool for exams for all students.

The self-study option provides the student with the textbook, workbook, student self-study guide with answers, a practice exam with answers, an exam registration form and one examination sitting. Each student is responsible for registering with IBANB to write his/her exam.

CAIB 1, 2, and 3 Immersion classes are four days and the prior evening of intensive study of course material. CAIB 4 is five days and the prior evening of intensive study. Small class size ensures personal attention. The program includes the textbook, workbook, instructor’s fee, accommodations, meals, exam registration form and 1 exam sitting. Each student is responsible for registering with IBANB to write his/her exam.


CAIB 1, 2, 3 & 4
-self study
$550.00 members
$825.00 non-members**
Exam only
- you already have all material
- no access to online course
$395.00 members
$595.00 non-members
Exam Rewrites $125.00 members
$190.00 non-members

** Membership in the Insurance Brokers Association of New Brunswick is a requirement for use of the CAIB designation.


  • CAIB 1
    • Introduction to General Insurance
    • Habitational Insurance
    • Other Habitational Insurance Coverages
    • Personal Liability Insurance
    • Farm Insurance
    • Personal Automobile Insurance
    • Building Towards Professionalism
  • CAIB 2
    • Introduction to Commercial Property Insurance
    • Underwriting Commercial Property Insurance
    • Commercial Property Insurance – Policy Forms
    • Commercial Property Insurance – Additional Coverage Forms
    • Commercial Property Insurance – Misc. Coverage Forms
    • Crime Insurance
    • Business Interruption Insurance
  • CAIB 3
    • Commercial Liability Insurance
    • Commercial General Liability – The Policy
    • Commercial Automobile Insurance
    • Ocean Marine & Aviation Insurance
    • Surety Bonds
    • Introduction to Risk Management
  • CAIB 4
    • Planning
    • Organizational Structure
    • Human Resources
    • Personal Liability Insurance
    • Monitoring
    • Brokerage Environment
    • Broker-Insurance Company Relations
    • Brokerage Financial Management
    • Technology and Brokerage Operation
    • Marketing
    • Building Long-Term Relationships

For course registration forms, please contact IBANB at

Exam Preparation Guide

IBANB* has an exam preparation guide for each of the four CAIB courses. Each guide contains a comprehensive explanation of the exam structure, sample questions and answers, as well as study tips.

To obtain an exam preparation guide for CAIB courses 1,2,3 or 4, please contact Laura at or call 506-450-2898.

Also available to CAIB 1,2,3 and 4 students is the CAIB online option. You now get 12 weeks of access to CAIB online included in the price of self study courses.

*Authorized agent of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada for the sales of education material, delivery of courses, and administration of exams.

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